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Search similar sequences in public repositories using BLAST (read the manual)

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Input section

Select an input sequence. Use one of the following three fields:

  1. To access a sequence from a database, enter the USA here:
  2. To upload a sequence from your local computer, select it here:
  3. To enter the sequence data manually, type here:
Advanced section
database name about target for your search
blast program name. 'auto' (infer suitable program from your sequence), 'blastn', 'blastp' or 'blastx'
specify web server for your search. 'NCBI', 'EBI' or 'DDBJ'
blast report format. 0 : normal BLAST report 8 : tabulark 1: ID listk 2: ID list separated by conmma
Expectation value
[T/F] filter query sequence
cost to open a gap
cost to extend a gap
X dropoff value for gapped alignment (in bits)
penalty for a nucleotide mismatch (blastn only)
reward for a nucleotide match (blastn only)
show one-line descriptions for this number of database sequences
number of database sequence to show alignments for (B)
threshold for extending hits, default if zero for each program
perform gapped alignment?
word size, default if zero for each program
effective size of the database
number of best hits from a region to keep
effective length of the search space
Output section
Run section
Email address: If you are submitting a long job and would like to be informed by email when it finishes, enter your email address here.