Generation of sequence logos using WebLogo


kweblogo is a sequence logo generator utilizing WebLogo. WebLogo is a web based application designed to make the generation of sequence logos as easy and painless as possible.
Sequence Logos are a graphical representation of an amino acid or nucleic acid multiple sequence alignment developed by Tom Schneider and Mike Stephens.

kweblogo utilizing WebLogo web service provided by University of California, Berkeley. Original web-service is located at the following URL:

This tools is a subset of Keio Bioinformatics Web Service (KBWS) package, which contains interfaces to bioinformatics web services through a proxy server at Keio University. kweblogo is thus an interface of "runWeblogo" method included in KBWS SOAP service.
This method can be alternatively accessed directly from programming languages as SOAP web service. Please refer to the KBWS online documentations for more information.


  Here is a sample session with kweblogo

% kweblogo
Generation of sequence logos using WebLogo
Input (gapped) sequence(s): test.fasta
Output file name [kweblogo.png]:

% ls kweblogo.png


Command line arguments

Qualifier Type Description Allowed values Default
Standard (Mandatory) qualifiers
(Parameter 1)
seqall (Gapped) sequence(s) filename and optional format, or reference (input USA) Readable sequence(s) Required
(Parameter 2)
string [png] Output file format 'png', 'jpeg', 'gif', 'eps', 'pdf' or 'svg' png
(Parameter 3)
string [kweblogo.$(format)] Output image file name Any string kweblogo
Additional (Optional) qualifiers
Advanced (Unprompted) qualifiers

Input file format

kweblogo can use any genome sequence data that seqret can read.

Output file format

The output from kweblogo is sequence logo image file. This result file is downloaded from KBWS Web server.

Data files





      Schneider, TD., and Stephens, RM.,(1990) Sequence Logos: A New Way to Display
      Consensus Sequences, Nucleic Acids Res, 18, 6097-6100.

      Crooks, GE., et al.,(2004) WebLogo: A sequence logo generator, Genome Research,
      14, 1188-1190.



Diagnostic Error Messages


Exit status

It always exits with a status of 0.

Known bugs


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Kazuki Oshita (cory @
Institute for Advanced Biosciences, Keio University
252-8520 Japan

Hidetoshi Itaya (celery @
Institute for Advanced Biosciences, Keio University
252-8520 Japan


2009 - Written by Kazuki Oshita
Feb 2013 - Function for downloading image file added by Hidetoshi Itaya Mar 2013 - Update document by Kazuki Oshita

Target users

This program is intended to be used by everyone and everything, from naive users to embedded scripts.